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Water damage can build up in your home unseen, causing costly damage to your structure and valuables. At the first sign of a sewer back up or downspout clog, do not hesitate to have Hank Klink Plumbing LLC of Berea, OH professionally inspect and clean your pipes. To protect your home, call today!

Expert Sewer Cleaning

Damaged or collapsed sewer lines can cause water damage to your home and yard. Don't underestimate this costly problem that can't be solved with store-bought products.


Trust the licensed and insured plumber who has been performing professional sewer line inspections and cleanings since 1968. Call to have your sewer line inspected for potential issues today!

Downspout Cleaning

A seemingly small clog can have a tremendous impact on the effectiveness of your downspout in protecting your home from water damage.


For fast and efficient cleaning of your downspouts, call the experienced technicians at Hank Klink Plumbing LLC to schedule your service as soon as you notice any issues with your spouts.

Protect Your Home with Clear Pipes