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Hank Klink Plumbing LLC has been serving its clients throughout the Berea, OH area with a level of service that only comes with an owner taking personal interest in each job. Don't settle for a plumber who treats your home and family like a paycheck. Get individualized service from an expert with over 45 years of experience. Call today!

Don't Wait for Service!

Leaking, broken, or dysfunctional water heaters can cause costly damage before you begin to notice the signs.


If you notice an odd smell, the sound of water running, low water pressure, or no hot water, you need to have your hot water heater inspected right away! Call the experts at Hank Klink Plumbing LLC!

Total Water Heater Service

Call the locally operated plumbing experts who have been serving Berea for over 45 years.

Expert Water Heater Repairs since 1968

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